5 Solutions to Grow On YouTube

Learn What It Takes to Grow Your Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video creators. People – and businesses – earn income from their YouTube channel, but it takes time and effort to achieve. If you push the right content in front of the right audience, you can be successful. Below are steps you can take that will help grow your channel.

  • Keep your viewers’ attention

To grow a channel, you’ll need to keep your viewers interested in what you’re talking about, that way they’ll always come back for your future videos. For more watch time, you should try to increase your average view duration (AVD) to at least 3-4 minutes per video. Also, you’ll want to spend time creating attention-grabbing thumbnails. Thumbnails attract viewers before they click on your video.

  • Tell viewers what your video is about

It’s been proven that if viewers can’t tell the content of your video from the title, they won’t waste their time watching it. Get the hang of writing titles clearly to describe what your video is about – if people know what they’re going to learn, they’ll watch longer. Longer watch times increase your average viewing duration (AVD), and results in the growth of your channel. 

  • Focus on one niche

When it comes to YouTube channels, people watch for different reasons. For example, viewers have one beauty vlogger they like, one fitness vlogger, one cooking vlogger,  and etc. People have different channels for which they subscribe, and they watch different kinds of content. Viewers don’t want one “YouTube Channel fits all.” Find your niche and stick to it – show people you are the expert in your field and they’ll stick with you.

  • Add value to viewers

We know this sounds harsh, but with the amount of saturation on YouTube, if you don’t add value to your viewers, you won’t have any. Value isn’t just giving them knowledge – it can be provided through entertainment, inspiration, motivation, problem-solving skills, etc. 

Anyone can grow a YouTube channel; ensure that you are adding value to your viewers. 

  • You must be consistent

Consistency is key these days, especially on social media. Commit to your channel and publish at least one video a week. The more videos you post, the faster your channel will grow. Be careful with this, though: you don’t want to burn yourself out quickly by producing an excessive number of videos each week. By posting at least 1-2 videos each week your channel will grow. 

Focus on these recommended steps. There are no limits when it comes to growing your YouTube channel, and with time, it can become the channel you envisioned!

Social media is the new business district

Social media is hugely important for businesses. With over 80 percent of Americans being active on social channels, it’s one of the best places to get your message out. In fact, Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other site, and 78 percent of consumers say that their purchasing decisions are affected by a company’s own social media posts.

Conversations about your business are taking place on these social channels, and people trust the criticism and recommendations they get from their friends. Find out how your social activity compares to others in the industry and how you can improve the way you want to interact with consumers in their space.

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