Extend the impact and value of hosting virtual events as an SME

Many entrepreneurs understand the benefits of hosting events in-person, and now, the pandemic has accelerated the growth of virtual events, which includes virtual conferences and webinars. Let’s talk about the benefits of hosting virtual events for your small business.

Hosting customized virtual events with a variety of content not only boosts your credibility and authority as a Subject Matter Expert but will also keep your audiences engaged. Use social media as a marketing tool to share the value of your event with your targeted audiences. People will attend seeking your expertise to learn and for you to answer their questions. The quality of your content should keep them engaged. Record those sessions to repurpose in the future for wider audiences to participate in the learning experience. Consider it a value add for them. If you have employees or volunteers, consider coordinating virtual events to facilitate their engagement.

Here are just a few of the many values of hosting a virtual event for your small business.


Setting up a virtual event can work out more economically for your business. A face-to-face event typically includes the cost of the venue, travel expenses, catering, video and audio equipment, security, and other related rentals.

Costs for a virtual event are primarily investing in a good microphone and webcam and the hosting platform.


An advantage of hosting virtual events for your small business is the level of flexibility and convenience that it gives you and those in attendance. Technology allows you to connect with attendees worldwide without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Hosting virtual events eliminates the time it takes to travel, and the time it takes to plan and set up a physical event.


Because of the low cost of attending virtual events, you have a much wider audience reach. Adopting engagement tools and quality content can help increase attendance.

In closing, provide detailed information about your online event, be engaging, and make your event memorable and fun. Depending on your lead time, incorporate sponsors and include supporting materials to increase the value add and satisfaction of your audience. Establishing a cadence of virtual events as a Subject Matter Expert can become a part of buyers’ journey, increasing screen time with those audiences who are engaging with your brand.


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