Creating a Facebook Cover Image for Business

If you want to build or expand a brand, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to advertise, promote your products and services and represent your business.

Brand image is vital to any business. When customers buy your products and services, they are also buying your brand and what it stands for. If your brand uses Facebook to advertise and engage with customers, you must understand the importance of cover images.

Facebook cover images are big and bold and are the first thing customers see when visiting your brand’s Facebook page. Your cover image can determine whether or not a customer will stay and scroll through your page or leave for a competitor’s more eye-catching cover image.

But how can you generate interest in your brand through your profile photo and cover image? Here are a few tips that will help make your brand’s Facebook page more appealing to customers:

  • Keep your cover image simple, don’t be excessive
  • Allow the cover photo to compliment your profile picture
  • Your cover image must be relevant to your brand
  • Your cover image must align with the page’s content
  • It is helpful if you create an original image instead of using stock photos 
  • Ensure that your brand complies with Facebook’s Cover Image Guidelines
  • Ensure that you use the right Facebook cover size
  • Optimize your cover image for mobile devices

A simple brand image that communicates exactly what your business is about is far more effective than a complex design that consumers can’t understand. Your brand should speak to your audience and should be instantly recognizable to them. Using a Facebook cover image that aligns with these ideals will effectively generate customer interest. 

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