Create your public-speaking marketplace: Be accepted as an SME

As you grow as a subject matter expert, your success as a speaker will begin to flourish. Being invited to speak as a guest on virtual platforms, including webinars, conferences and virtual events, is a decisive step in sharing your knowledge and expertise with participants while growing brand awareness.

Having tremendous subject-matter experience and understanding can set you apart from others who might not have the wealth of knowledge you possess. Share your expertise with others eager to learn from someone who understands the matter so intimately. You could add excellent value to important business opportunities.

But how do you get invited to become a speaker at these virtual events? Here are some tips that will significantly improve your chances of becoming a guest speaker at conferences, events, schools and elsewhere.

Be Open to Create Your Own Speakers Bureau 

Create your own Speakers Bureau to then be invited to speak for others at their conference and be introduced to new and different social circles. Host an event that groups within your network can attend. Just ask them. Send an invitation via email and post announcements of your event on your social media platforms. Make it a “Virtual Lunch & Learn” or present during an evening meal. Spend as much time networking and meeting new contacts. 

Build Your Brand

Conference organizers and hosts want to know that the speaker they invite has a reputable brand. Creating your event serves as proof of concept that could lead to invitations from others looking for speakers for their conference or networking events. Having and maintaining a solid personal brand allows people to feel a sense of confidence and comfort in your abilities as a speaker. Organizers want to know that they made a good decision by inviting you to speak. And, as long as you feel comfortable with the offer aligned with your brand values, accept every invitation you receive.

Be Original

Originality is a crucial aspect of being selected to speak at virtual events. Authenticity is what will separate you from others. Conference organizers want fresh insights and topics that will captivate their audience. 

When others can personally attest to the quality of your subject matter and speech, the chance to become a speaker – or event a keynote speaker – will increase. 

Let’s have a discussion for us to carve out your conferencing platform as a solution to become a subject matter expert.

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