Become a resource for other executives as an SME


The world of work is affected profoundly. COVID-19 has hampered the work of many businesses worldwide and its effects have created a new reality. The consequences, for many, are unprecedented. COVID has reduced the appetite to take risks. We all have taken a beating, but one sound strategy as an entrepreneur to recover in 2021 is to position yourself as a subject-matter expert.


Who are Subject Matter Experts 

Subject matter experts identify problems and provide invaluable, in-depth knowledge of best practices in the industry with which they work. Those experts display a level of authority in their field of interest backed by years of experience. They are highly regarded, provide validation, and are considered leaders in the community.  


These include key market players, executives, and entrepreneurs. The subject matter expert described could be you.


Becoming a subject matter expert could be the key to your recovery. Provide specialist advice to your stakeholders to help them advance and make informed decisions for the future.


Stimulate thought to conjure new ideas for your existing audiences

Provide innovation and leadership to increase effectiveness and engagement

Expand your network to increase your net worth


Outlined are three considerations to begin the path of charting your course as a subject matter expert:


Continue to build on your knowledge


Attaining knowledge includes honing both soft and technical skills so that you can display what you know as a speaker at conferences, trade shows and panels. Continuous learning is key. Keep up to date with the latest happenings in your field and develop your own sound opinions so when the time comes, you will be confident in your narrative.


Get involved on social media


Social media is a potent tool. Use it to your advantage by getting involved in the spaces that serve you and your subject matter. It is also a place to learn from others in your field and develop an audience you can later convert into clients. Social media will also help you to test out your ideas and gather feedback in real-time.


Share your wealth of knowledge


Take advantage of the audience you have built by going beyond social media and monetizing your expertise. Blogging, podcasting, and becoming a YouTuber are all sure-fire ways of sharing your wealth of knowledge. It will also open another door to other opportunities, such as being a guest on programs that will expand your reach.


Wrapping up


Subject matter experts are vital in the world of business. With the global pandemic at hand, we need you now more than ever to help us navigate these testing times with your wealth of knowledge to help guide us through.


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