Your extensive expertise should excite your audiences. Use fresh ideas and industry trends to captivate viewers and collect new leads.

Round out audience relationships: Create compelling webinar topics

As we continue to adjust to this new online world, what are we expecting to happen post-pandemic? Will we reassume our traditional in-person gatherings? Will we continue to host our events virtually? Or will we find ways to combine the two?

Whether or not you resume activities in person, continue to produce content that people can access and enjoy online. Your subject matter expertise can be a value-add to your existing audience and be used to prospect new, undiscovered viewers. The ideal scenario is to generate leads, and ultimately, increase the revenue stream of your business.

Choose Engaging Webinar Ideas for your Audience

Let your audience choose what they want to learn. By allowing your audience to have a say on the topic that you will present, you can tailor your content specifically to their needs, maximizing the value they receive from attending your webinar. Create a poll listing several topics, and allow your audience to choose the one they prefer.

The strategic use of visuals will enhance your webinar. Incorporating visuals such as infographics will help your audience focus on what is essential. Sixty-five percent of us are visual learners. Visuals also help your audience retain more information. Additionally, including a carefully selected blend of colors increases their attention span. Colors also prompt even more conversations.

In addition to polls and using visuals strategically, invite more than one speaker to increase engagement. Having more than one speaker creates dialogue. Finding interesting, personable, and energetic speakers to share the spotlight with you as a subject-matter expert will keep your audiences hooked.

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