Improving your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking While Maintaining a Positive ROI

Just about anyone can develop a Facebook ad, but it takes an intricate understanding to generate a high-ranking Facebook ad. When seeking to improve your Facebook ad quality ranking, specific steps must be implemented to ensure you receive and maintain a positive Return On Investment (ROI). This is the most important metric in evaluating the success of Facebook ads.

What Exactly Determines A Good Facebook Ad Quality Ranking?

Hitting the Facebook Ad Quality Ranking means understanding the ranges that are ranked as a good rating. A high-quality ad is above the 20 percent average mark. When your ad is rated well on Facebook, the cost to run your ad will be lower and served better.

Be Clear In Your Ads 

Now that we understand what to expect when the ads are ranked in a good range on Facebook, it’s now time to explore the steps that will make them rank well.

It is essential that your ads are succinct and easy to understand. Ensure your brand is reflected appropriately. Stay away from click-bait language as much as possible as this can become misleading.

Your ad should have amazing and crafty content that will complement your text, pictures, and include videos where possible. It is also critical that your content matches your audience.

Limit The Number Of Times You Run Your Ad

Increasing your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking means limiting the number of times you run your ads. Facebook users negatively perceive advertisements that are run too often to consciously – and unconsciously – avoid them. 

Run Your Ads In Peak Times

Be strategic so that your ads rank higher. This will differ for each company, so it’s important to do test runs at different times of the day. This will help you to understand the peak times that will suit your audiences’ viewing.

Improve Ad Engagement

Using quality videos and engaging your audience with prompt replies will increase your quality ranking. 

Final Thoughts

Improving your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking isn’t complicated. It takes paying attention to the aforementioned details and consistently executing them. These tips will help you save money on ad spend to boost the most significant metric – Return On Investment.

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